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Cloud Mining Services

Today, it costs a fortune to start mining alone for bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency. You need to buy specialized ASIC miners, bear the cost of the electric power they consume, have the knowledge to install them and make them work, keep them cool to avoid technical problems and be ready for delays in delivery or the need of specialized technical support. And keep in mind that you would do all this without being sure that you would discover even one single block!

In this section we present some of the companies that offer mining services to individuals. You simply sign an electronic contract with them, pay the price you agreed on and start earning bitcoins, dogecoins, litecoins or even USD$ (depending on the agreement), directly into your wallet.

Please be extra careful when selecting a cloud mining company, this is a high-risk investment!

Mining Sweden's objective is to provide a mining solution to investors that are looking for a cloud mining solution where the miners really exist and where there is still profit mining, since the main problem of mining businesses all around the world is the high electricity costs.

With Hashbit you can begin mining with a minimum purchase of only 1 GHS and payouts made nightly. Prices of mining power start at 0.0015 BTC per GHS, with the ability to resell on the Market!