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Bitcoin Investments

We are seeing the dawn of a new era, which brings a lot of opportunities to earn more with our coins. Whether it concerns funding a business or investing in mining Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, one thing is sure, if we can play our cards the right way we can get a steadily growing revenue.

But lets make something clear: Bitcoin is a currency, it is NOT an investment. If you want to buy and hold Bitcoins, as an investment, because you believe its price will skyrocket in the future, then fine, you can securely buy some at Coinbase and we have a present waiting for you there. Otherwise, it is like buying US Dollars, Euro, Chinese Yuans or whatever else: its exchange rate and value can go up or down, depending on the market's offer and demand. We personally believe that it will skyrocket, but we could always be wrong.

The same stands for investments made using Bitcoin: they are not different than any other investment, in any other currency. This means that, if the specific investment plan you are looking at sounds too good to be true, then it probably isn't - especially if the opportunity is offered by someone wishing to remain anonymous. It is pretty clear, isn't it?

Please be aware that investing your coins or money on any site involves risk. Also, there are many schemes that promise high revenue and they rip people off. Do never forget these two rules, no matter how appealing the opportunity might seem:

  • Spread the risk among different activities, so you won't have all eggs in one basket.
  • Never invest more than you can afford to lose, because even the best sites can go bad.

    Investments offered by companies with good reputation:

    BitGold is an online platform that makes gold accessible for payments and savings. Itís like any other bank account in that you can deposit your local currency but your money is denominated in gold. Your Gold is stored in insured Brinkís depositories located in Zurich, Hong Kong, London, Singapore, Toronto, Dubai, or New York City. Think of BitGold as PayPal but denominated in grams of Gold. You can transfer or receive BitGold for free with any other BitGold user (except US users), and you can spend it anywhere at any point-of-sale with your BitGold Prepaid Card. BitGold account holders may deposit money into their account via Bitcoin, Bank Wire Transfers, Credit Card, Debit Card, China Union Pay, Interac for Canadian users and ACH from selected US Banks. Limited time offer: by signing up using this link, you get a 5% bonus on your first deposit.

    BitBond specializes in P2P Bitcoin loans: your Bitcoins will be used to fund someone else's needs or business plans and you will earn interest for offering them for a specific period of time.


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