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Bitcoin & other cryptocurrency exchanges

There are many ways to buy or exchange Bitcoins to and from FIAT currency (EUR, USD, GBP and almost any other currency accepted around the world) or convert your coins to another cryptocurrency.

HitBTC is a cutting-edge trading platform with many advanced features, based in United Kingdom. They even offer a demo account so you can check if it suits your needs. If you sign up using our affiliate link you will earn a 50% trading fee rebate, so don't miss the opportunity!

Secure Bitcoin wallet & Trading platform, which offers Merchant integration as well. You can safely buy Bitcoins and, if you use this link to sign up, you will get a $10 worth of bitcoin for free when buying bitcoins! Coinbase has a fully featured secure online wallet and enables merchants and individuals to accept Bitcoin payments directly to their wallet.

Powerful trading platform with many features and merchant integration. You can accept payments in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies directly to your account. Supports several options for deposits and withdrawals in USD.

Unique trading platform, based in China. It offers an investing plan and interest for the coins you deposit to your account. Also offers desktop and Android apps for trading. Using our affiliate link to sign up gives you 10% discount on all trading fees for six months.

Fast and modern trading platform with a large number of coin pairs available to trade. It also offers Bleutrade Shares and users can participate directly in the company's growth and earnings, by receiving dividents on Bitcoin, Litecoin and Doge every 12 hours.

Unique trading and mining platfortm, based in New Zeland. Also offers a marketplace where you can sell or buy virtually anything. The company has made available a large number of shares, so anyone interested can become a shareholder and participate directly to Cryptopia's growth and earnings.



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